Petra Yared's Diary (Herald Sun, 7 September 2005)
AM Up at an hour that's not quite sane. Go to Boeing, where we film MDA, in my pyjamas -- too stunned to manage clothes. Make-up, hair and fortunately wardrobe. Filming until 6pm.
PM Go home. Can't meet flatmate at the pub because I'm back in my pyjamas. Do some reading for uni. To bed early, conveniently already in pyjamas.

AM Pilates early, then go to Melbourne Uni for history lecture and tutorial. Doing my sixth year of a three-year degree.
PM Go to the ABC to record ADR (additional dialogue recording) for MDA. Weekly family dinner (green Thai chicken curry, good one, Mum!) Try to extract gossip from 16-year-old brother, get nothing. Sister is more forthcoming. Home to learn lines for tomorrow. Bed.

AM Groundhog day of Monday.
PM Go to the Arts Centre to see MTC play with my Dad, who has a yearly subscription so we go once a month.

AM Off to South Melbourne to record a voice-over for Australia Post radio ad. Go to Docklands for lunchtime read-through of the next episode of MDA.
PM Shooting MDA in the wind at Docklands. Go to boyfriend's house for dinner. Enjoy his flatmate's new hobby of cooking. More wine than is wise, considering tomorrow morning's early photo shoot.

AM Publicity photo shoot, then filming MDA all day.
PM Get so excited about pizza for afternoon tea that I text Shane Bourne, who has left early. He's jealous. Finish filming by 5.45pm. Rush to shops to buy a housewarming present for a friend. Eat toast -- don't need proper dinner after pizza at 5pm. Go to housewarming party.

AM Drive to Portsea with boyfriend and dogs. Lottie (golden retriever, not boyfriend) gets carsick.
PM Walk on the beach. Dinner at The Baths very yummy. Couple of drinks at the Sorrento pub with friends.

AM Breakfast at Sunny Side Up. Shouldn't have brought the dogs. Read the papers. Learn lines for the week. Vaguely consider the fact I have an essay due soon. Decide to worry later. Don't feed Lottie before drive back to Melbourne.
PM Early night -- another horrendously early start.