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Interview from the Muggers DVD

"I'm playing the character of Sophie, who's one of the medical students with Brad and Gregor at uni. She is very ambitious and hard-working and she has a lot of respect for the character of Brad because she sees him as particularly talented... so she sort of wants to help the boys out, and she can see that they're having a hard time of it... I think she has a lot of empathy for that because she's had troubles herself. And... she sort of becomes more and more involved with... particularly the Brad character over the course of the story."

"I usually try to always play... sort of the truth of the moment rather than deliberately play the sort of dramatic impact or play for laughs, you know, play the comedy, 'cause I think it should come through in the situation and the writing, and I think it just comes through naturally... sometimes with the timing thing, you'll let the comedy be there a little bit more, but I don't try and play the comedy too much, I think it's there naturally, yeah..."

"I really like Dean's style because he gives you a free rein, he's not too... he knows what he wants but he's not too restricted by that, he won't have a tunnel vision and say "this is how I want it to be", he'll kind of let you give your bit, and if he wants to change it, he'll guide you a little bit, but he won't... he's not too full-on, you know, he's... and he's got a really good sense of humour, so if you can come up with something that's fresh and funny, he's really open to that, and he doesn't get stressed, you know... oh, or if he gets stressed he doesn't show it, so everyone can relax and enjoy what they're doing, instead of making it a serious business, yeah..."

"I think it's a little bit different... it doesn't fit into the categories of what I think a lot of Australian films have been in the past. It's not either really heavy and giving a sort of really obvious message or sort of theme. It's not that obvious Australian humour where we're, you know, we're always taking a piece out of ourselves, which is, I think, is a really good quality, but it's not that... it's funny in its own right... you know what I mean? I think the characters are really loveable, but they're not perfect, they've got really major imperfections, but they're quite whole characters... I think, yeah... that's what made me enjoy it, I think."